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Regular Gyms Make You Uncomfy Or Unwelcome?

Workout LIVE with QUEERS From HOME For As Low As $100!

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"...clients aren't signing up for the amenities, they're coming for the sense of community and a safe space to sweat."


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How It Works:

Here's What You Get For As Low As $100/MONTH



12 LIVE Body Weight Workouts From The Comfort Of Your Home

You Don't Need To Go Anywhere Or Buy Anything.



Workout Hella Queers Across The Country Just Like You.

No More Homophobia, Transphobia Or Fatphobia.



Complete 12 Workouts In A Month, Get 50% OFF Next Month

No more more "falling off" your workouts.

FAQ's: What's The Tea? ☕️

What are the workouts like?

The best way to describe the workouts is if a drag brunch and a fitness class had a baby, it'd be like our workouts!

Are the workouts LIVE?

Yes, the workouts are live. We don't pre-record our workouts. We're not an app. We don't send you workouts to do. We do everything LIVE with you just like in a regular in person gym session.

Do you need workout equipment?

Nope. Everything we do is body weight.

$199 a month. If you do 3 workouts a week or 12 workouts, you get 50% off each month you do that.

What's your cancellation policy?

We require a 30 day notice a feedback phone call.

Can I have my camera off?

We do require to have my camera on first and foremost, for safety. Second, for accountability and thirdly, to connect with the community.

What if I'm totally new to working out?

You've come to right place.Beginners or intermediate level folxs are our jam.

What are the coaches like?

You can check out our wholesome, awesome team of coaches here.

Can I try a workout first?

We don’t allow drop ins in order to keep our community safe from random harmful internet people that might wanna just join to come in and start some hateful shit. This. Does. Happen.

Because I KNOW You're Skeptical If People ACTUALLY Get Results...

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